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FAENA: Una piedra rota no es dos piedras

+Cabaret Provenza, una lectura de Luis Felipe Fabre 





Estudio Hospital, Guadalajara, MX

February, 2019

This project was possible with the generous support of Estudio Hospital: Cristian Franco, Cynthia Gutiérrez, Javier M. Rodríguez, and Emanuel Tovar.





Napoleón Aguilera, Aldo Álvareztostado, Paulina Ascencio, Ramiro Ávila, Daniela Ramírez, Bruno Viruete


We are five agents that came from different disciplines: visual arts, architecture, and humanities. We named our workgroup FAENA, which means doing something that requires physical or mental work. 

Una piedra rota no es dos piedras is a group project based on Cabaret Provenza, a book of poems by Mexican writer Luis Felipe Fabre. The exhibition was developed through several sessions of collective reading and analysis of the book.


In a sort of curatorial text, Fabre was invited to read a personal selection of poems from the book. This selection was inspired by the exhibition and performed during the opening. 



Nepantla y Una piedra rota no son dos piedras - Terremoto

Laboratorio Creativo - Mural


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